A Pile of Sweaters


Think about the little things everyday to make a difference


Pink Gallery Sustainability & Net Zero Aims

  • Sourcing high quality garments that will last, that will wash and wear well.

  • Encouraging reuse of cardboard packaging that our garments are delivered in. Our larger boxes are ideal for moving house and we advertise these for this purpose, free to those who could use them. Our smaller boxes are handed into a local pottery studio who use them to package up their smaller items.

  • We aim to source biodegradable packaging for our postal orders, we are currently looking into new parcel bags and the possibility of paper packaging, similar to the ones that Zara uses.

  • For local deliveries we use recyclable and eco friendly black gift bags for packaging.

  • Our tissue paper is ideal for your compost pile or can be repurposed for birthday gift wrapping.

  • We aim to use biodegradable stickers and recycled paper thank you cards.

  • We aim to carry out local deliveries and postal drops in bulk instead of multiple journeys, so that we are limiting our emissions.

  • We are actively looking into how we can track our carbon emissions as a business and the steps that we can take to reduce our footprint.

  • Victoria is currently undertaking climate change awareness training so that we can improve our knowledge and understanding, and the steps we can take as a business.